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Quick La Belle Lucie 1.0

by: La Belle Lucie

Quick La Belle Lucie - Click for fullscreen

Date:8-12-2009 New Release

Licence: Freeware

Download Now  (3424kb)
Downloads: 153

La Belle Lucie is a solitaire card game where the player deals out all the cards in a 52 card deck into 17 piles of 3, and one piles with a single card in it. The player can bulid down these piles by suit, and must build up the foundations by suit from Ace to King. When all the cards in a pile have been removed, the player is not able to create a new pile in it's place. Once a pile is gone it is gone forever. When the player has exhausted the moves he can make, the player can shuffle the cards that have not yet been placed into the foundation and deal them out again into piles of three cards. The player can shuffle the cards up to three times.

Install: Install and Uninstall
Operating systems: WinXP,WinVista,Win2000,Windows2000,Windows2003,WinME
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