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Ice Hockey Girl 1.0

by: Lidmon Games Inc.

Ice Hockey Girl - Click for fullscreen

Date:24-12-2009 New Release

Cost: $0.99 Licence: Shareware

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Downloads: 411

We are all known that playing ice hockey is very interesting with friends. But Do you know what is feeling of playing with Santa Claus?Maybe can not try before..
Now we will offer you the chance to experience that.Look at this ice hotkey game.It is very funny and simple. It is a player-game between a ice hockey girl and Santa Claus.Pretty ice hockey girl as the server plays ice hockey to the net .If she successfully throws the ice hockey to the net ,it will get prizes. And Santa as the opposite goaltender in font of the net will try his best to receive the ice hockey. If the ice hockey is intercepted or received by Santa clause, the pretty ice hockey girl will not pass gate and gain prizes.
It is easy to operate.It depends on Gravity Force. So just swift iphone right or left at a certain speed to control the ice hockey girl slider.And at the right time play the ice hockey is ok.
Want to get more gifts on Christmas this year? From this game....Not to kiss up to Santa Claus,defeat him!

Install: Install and Uninstall
Operating systems: iPhone
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