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Sole 1.0.0


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Date:9-5-2010 New Release

Cost: $1.99 Licence: Shareware

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Downloads: 312

Sole is a unique and challenging marble puzzle game that requires you to think before you make a move. Challenge your mind with this unique game of marbles that you have never seen before. Sole is simple to understand - slide marbles left-right and up-down on the board to destroy other marbles until only one marble is left. How far can you get, can you get to level 50? With thousands of variations you will never play the same game twice, included is an intelligent random board generator that can build a game with 3 marbles all the way up to 15 marbles on the board. As you progress through the game the challenge will build and more marbles will be placed on the board for you to solve. To add to the difficulty you have a set amount of time to solve each puzzle, don't hesitate too long; if time runs out you will have to restart the game from the beginning. Alternatively, progress through levels and earn extra lives to replay levels when you lose. With an online score board and infinite puzzles to play, Sole is sure to give you unlimited replay and a great challenge to show how intelligent you really are. Post your scores online with our integrated score board to allow others around the world to observe who the real genius is. There are numerous features included in Sole. Unlimited puzzles that are randomly generated every time, you never play the same level twice. Puzzles starting with 3 marbles all the way up to headache inducing 15 marble puzzles make sure your brain is continuously challenged. Ability to reverse moves when you make a mistake so you don't become stuck playing an unsolvable game and give up in frustration. Progress through levels and Sole automatically increases the challenge and decreases the amount of time you have to solve the puzzle. Earn extra lives every 10 levels to replay levels when you lose, allowing you to continue to play onto higher levels and continue the challenge. Built in online scoreboard to post high scores.

Install: Install and Uninstall
Operating systems: iPhone,iTouch
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