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New Super Mario Bros Cheats 1.0 by:jChicken

New Super Mario Bros Cheats

Free list of cheats for New Super Mario Bros. Wii
license: Freeware, price $0.00
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Downloads: 297
Size: 5859K
Date: 10-12-2009

C64 Forever 2009 by:Cloanto Italia srl

C64 Forever

Experience a C64 emulator, games, demoscene productions and history on your PC
license: Shareware, price $9.95
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Downloads: 243
Size: 74316K
Date: 18-9-2009

Rack Timer 1.0 by:Gambit Apps

Rack Timer

The first timer program designed just for Scrabble.
license: Shareware, price $19.99
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Downloads: 222
Size: 1078K
Date: 1-9-2008

Cradle of Rome Free game download 1.0.0 by:Free Ride Games

Cradle of Rome Free game download

Cradle of Rome Game, is one of 300 Free Games - Download Cradle of Rome Game
license: Freeware, price $0.00
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Downloads: 195
Size: 693K
Date: 20-10-2010

Who is an idiot? - Typo Poltergeist 1.1 by:Pianosoft Freeware

Who is an idiot? - Typo Poltergeist

Hilarious typo prankware, make user type anythng you want, anytime, anywhere
license: Freeware, price $0.00
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Downloads: 191
Size: 1982K
Date: 20-12-2010

Love Tester Pro 1.0 by:DWL Gaming

Love Tester Pro

Test out your love rating.
license: Freeware, price $0.00
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Downloads: 165
Size: 2725K
Date: 17-12-2007

You On A Diet 1.0 by:Fast Weight Loss Guides

You On A Diet

Feed tim and learn about dieting and weight loss.
license: Freeware, price $0.00
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Downloads: 163
Size: 1966K
Date: 5-1-2008

Potion Bar at Playrix 1.0 by:Playrix Entertainment

Potion Bar at Playrix

Sell a Potion - Save the World! Exclusive at!
license: Shareware, price $19.95
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Downloads: 160
Size: 52267K
Date: 24-2-2010

Small Fun Farkle 1.3.3 by:Small Fun Games

Small Fun Farkle

Small Fun Farkle is a fast-paced, addictive, easy to learn dice game.
license: Shareware, price $14.95
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Downloads: 159
Size: 3684K
Date: 20-3-2010

SegPlayPC 1.7 by:SegTech


Paint-by-number for Windows..Infinite Variety. Simple to Use. Powerful features!
license: Shareware, price $24.95
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Downloads: 155
Size: 18507K
Date: 4-1-2010

Fish Games 1.0 by:top-products

Fish Games

Catch as many fish as you can within the allocated time limits.
license: Freeware, price $0.00
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Downloads: 153
Size: 1561K
Date: 20-7-2008

Eidetic memory 006 by:Magic Mnemonic

Eidetic memory

Close your eyes and recall the picture.
license: Shareware, price $22.00
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Downloads: 150
Size: 927K
Date: 1-1-2008

Alice's Magical Mahjong 1.02 by:PoBros Inc

Alice's Magical Mahjong

Head down the rabbit hole for fanciful mahjong fun with a hidden object twist!
license: Shareware, price $19.99
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Downloads: 147
Size: 46918K
Date: 30-4-2008

FreeRange 1.0 by:Fundieware


Roundup the chickens on the farm - with the help of your crazy inventions!
license: Shareware, price $9.95
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Downloads: 145
Size: 7324K
Date: 12-12-2006

Monitor Interferences - PC Prank Program 1.0 by:Insurance And Hotels Info Site

Monitor Interferences - PC Prank Program

Scare your friends with the Prank "Monitor Interferences"!
license: Freeware, price $0.00
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Downloads: 144
Size: 613K
Date: 12-6-2007

Multi Mario 1.0 by:top-products

Multi Mario

Paly best collection of multiple mario games
license: Freeware, price $0.00
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Downloads: 143
Size: 3185K
Date: 25-7-2008

Global Warning 1.0 by:Global warning

Global Warning

Global warming and environmental issues have never been so covered in the media.
license: Shareware, price $10.00
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Downloads: 138
Size: 15434K
Date: 14-7-2007

Super Egg Catcher 1.0 by:top-products

Super Egg Catcher

Enjoy 5 best egg catching games.
license: Freeware, price $0.00
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Downloads: 137
Size: 1561K
Date: 21-7-2008

Virtual Barbiana 1.0 by:Wverdi Software

Virtual Barbiana

Educational game in 3D for exploring don Milani Barbiana school
license: Demo, price $0.00
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Downloads: 126
Size: 263355K
Date: 4-11-2009

Crayon Physics Game Deluxe 2011 by:77Freeware

Crayon Physics Game Deluxe

Crayon Physics Deluxe is a 2D physics-based puzzle game
license: Freeware, price $0.00
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Downloads: 106
Size: 34770K
Date: 20-6-2010